What it Means to be Human Part 7

     We Are Not Perfect But We Are Unique

We are not well served by those in Christian ministry or academics who want to change traditional Biblical interpretations in order to accommodate current social standards. The Gospel is not served by an attitude that we must “go along” in order to “get along” with this world. The missionary and apostle Paul would not be remembered if he had said to everyone on Mars Hill, “Here is another god to add to your collection”. We do not need improved theology. We need an improved attitude that reflects a Christ like spirit. We need an attitude the Holy Spirit can use to bring salvation and a restored, God created, humanity to the lost in this world.

What it means to be human can best be seen in Jesus Christ. The more our lives reflect His spirit and actions the more human we become.

This essay is not intended to reflect academic standards of attribution of all ideas expressed.

Brief Biographical:  Morris E. Vickers.

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Religion, California Baptist University. Riverside, CA.

Master of Divinity Degree, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Fort Worth, TX

Doctor of Ministry Degree, Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary. (Now Palmer Theological, Philadelphia, PA.).

50 Plus Years. Minister of Christian Education, Pastor, Associational Missions Director (Arundel Baptist Assn. Maryland).

30 Plus Years. Owner, Financial Security Advisors, Inc. A registered investment advisor.

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