What it Means to be Human. Part 2

        Made In the Image Of God

We acknowledge the existence of an eternal being of unlimited power, intellectual capacity and sacrificial love. We are creatures of God’s creation superior to everything else in existence.  We are souls, embodied with spiritual, emotional, mental and physical attributes. We are capable of using reason to know the truth and evaluate alternatives. We possess a personal ability to make choices. We are creative. We function both as individuals and social beings.

In short: “We are made in the image of God’. We have a natural desire to know our creator, who infuses in us some of all of who He is. God’s desire is to have fellowship with each of us. He constantly and consistently reaches out to us waiting patiently for our response.

God came and walked with Adam & Eve.

God came and personally dealt with Cain.

God came and walked with Enoch.

God came and called Noah out of wickedness.

God came and told Abraham he will be the father of a nation.

God came and appeared to Isaac and Jacob.

God came and called Moses to free his people from slavery.

God came and was embodied in a burning bush, a pillar of fire and cloud, a tabernacle, a temple.


God came and His name is called “Jesus” and he saves people from their sins. “For in him all fullness of God was pleased to dwell” (Col. 1:9).

God comes down and dwells in, comforts, instructs, and empowers believers with His own Holy Spirit. Jesus said to the disciples, “It is good that I go away, because if I go away, I’m going to send you the Holy Spirit”. (John 16:7).’  (John Overstreet, Responding to Cultural Pressure. Journal of Christian Legal Thought. Vol.4, #3. Winter, 2014.)

The scratched computer disk is our human nature. The sin that began with Adam and Eve has corrupted the human being God created. To become a disciple of Jesus is to begin the process of restoring us back to being a clean and complete image of God.

Thomas Howard, in his book Evangelical Is Not Enough says: “The incarnation takes all that properly belongs to our humanity and delivers it back to us redeemed. All our inclinations and proclivities, that belong to us, and were stolen away into the service of false gods, are returned to us in the Gospel. Jesus did not come to thin out human life. He came to set us free.”

Coming Next,  Part Three,  Humanity Lost

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