What it Means to be Human. Part 1

Worldviews and Kingdom View

What it means to be human is important because it addresses the question of human nature: What makes us who we are? To understand the subject we must begin with our origin, value system, source of authority for the decisions we make, and how we relate to others.

If we do not start with a correct view of our beginning it will be impossible to know the truth about life because all worldviews are corrupted.

Imagine you have a disk in your computer with information on it describing how you were born, information about your parentage, and instructions on how to live in a way that pleases them. You know what is expected of you and the benefits provided by your parents. Then a tragic problem occurs as scratch marks are made on the disk. Some of the information cannot be understood. Attempts to fill in the gaps makes matters worse. Differing interpretations of the information on the disk results in different behaviors.

For Christians, the Biblical view is more than a worldview. It is a Kingdom View. A worldview is based on a philosophy. A Kingdom view is based on a personal experience with our creator God. A Kingdom View is far more extensive than a worldview. God’s creation is more than our planet Earth and humankind. A worldview standard of morality is derived from the philosophy to which the person adheres. A Kingdom view standard of morality originates and has its authority in the Bible, the Word of God.

With the Psalmist we ask, “What is man that you take thought of him?”  (Psa. 8:4 NASB). The answer begins with Genesis 1.

COMING NEXT.  PART TWO. Made in the Image of GOD.

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